Monday, May 30, 2005

Links @ Stuff on Bolivian Crisis

Quispe is quoted as saying that "we peasants think we should separate from Bolivia. We are an Aymara Nation, like the Quechua or Guarani, and this nation has to independitize...with its own president, army, police, its own laws, and its wiphala.

The hardliners step up.....Miners, Peasants, Labor and El Alto neighborhood councils are marching on Congress in La Paz today to demand nationalization. But as La Razon notes, the council of El Alto's Micro-enterprises and small businessmen, who employ around 17,000 people, petitioned the local councils to stop the roadblocks, stating that they are forcing small business closures and putting people out of work.
Meanwhile the police says it will use force if it has to. The government is calling for the arrest of two Colonels, the labor leader, and the assemblyman for incititing a military coup