Tuesday, June 10, 2003

What up? Que Pasa, 3 Latin Drivers score big in the last three weeks, first Gil takes Indy, out-dueling Helio at the end, then Michel outfoxes Servia and PT at Milwaukee at night, and to cap it of, JPM kicks serious butt in Monaco.

NASCAR fans are raising Cain, 'cause of Toyota coming in to the series in a couple. Scary how a significant minority of NASCAR fans can turn me off from Cup, just when I start taking NASCAR seriously as a sport, and could see myself enjoying it.

JPM takes Indy and Monaco, those are some serious prizes there, just think of all the great drivers like Jim Clark, Mario Andretti, Dan Gurney, Jackie Stewart, who tried both, and could not do the double.

Michel Jourdain was owed that victory after heartbreak in Long Beach, and he drove splendidly to seal the deal. After eight years of struggling with inferior equipment and all sorts of criticism, it is good to see Michel, truly one of the nice guys in racing get that W. Through it all Michel has always been a class act.

JPM and Jeff G. trading rides. Monty will able to get to speed fairly quick, but I would not underestimate JG who has awesome car control - anyone see him driving a Rally Car in the Canaries this Winter.

Kurt Busch also did a hell of a job in Michel's ride in Sebring, one second off the pace, not bad for a circle-tracker.

Memo needs a ride in CART now.

Kudos to Marko Martin in Acropolis, another one who had his first win due. And lets see if this can lift FORD up a bit.

Lets see how good the FW25 is in Canada, Monty for the pole? 10 more points for the Williams driver can put some heat on the points championship.