Friday, June 27, 2003

Quotes and Opinions on Article Regarding Hispanic Market For Cable

By Jonathan Blum, Kagan

The 34 million or so Hispanics in the U.S. comprise an even more attractive demo when viewed by where they live and how old they are. Hispanics form a solid part of the desirable urban market: Out of the 90 million Americans who live in cities, about 26% of them are Hispanic, with 56% of them being 18 to 34, compared to 39% of 18- to 34-year-olds for blacks and 23% for white non-Hispanics. Hispanics are not only younger, and therefore more attractive to advertisers than these other groups, they're interested in cable as well. According to a recent study by Horowitz & Associates, 34% of city-dwelling Hispanics subscribe to upgraded digital cable, with a very attractive 45% of 18- to 34-year-olds taking the service.

A template for the possibilities for Hispanics comes from large retailers like The Home Depot and Wal-Mart. These major chains moved into long forgotten urban areas, in part to service the growing Hispanic market, creating some of the most profitable stores in their businesses.

So the market is definitvely there; a large demo, which is very young and with a heavy concentration in urban areas. CART is trying to capitalize on large urban areas.

Even among bilingual Hispanics, Spanish-language advertising "seems to be not just more relevant but more effective in motivating them to buy or to purchase a certain brand," she added.

Needed: FORD ads with Mexican & Spanish speaking Drivers, similar to the ones with NASCAR drivers that FORD runs.

More of those billboards and TV as well as ads in Spanish Language Networks


In the spring, Turner tried to capitalize on its baseball offering with the Home Run marketing campaign aimed at helping cable operators add Hispanic subscribers. Turner provided about 50 systems with direct-mail brochures touting the availability of Spanish-language audio during Braves games, and on Cartoon Network and Boomerang, plus CNN en Español and HBO Latino. The promotion also threw in free issues of People en Español.

Breland said the offer helped draw 10,000 new subscribers and that response was enough to prompt another campaign,

Are you listening, Cable Operators, CBS, DirecTV, SPEED, and CART??

This month,
"We are gearing up for our second year of exclusive Spanish-language coverage of the Major League Baseball postseason," he said. In addition to game coverage, the network will have pre- and postgame shows and live remotes for the Spanish-speaking audience.

Fox offered similar coverage last year and drew a very positive response from viewers who liked seeing the games in Spanish. And not just in a SAP version on a general market broadcast, but really a Spanish-language telecast with Spanish-language graphics, commentators and on-site reports.

CART should use the Spanish language guys who used to do the old ESPN transmission like Jorge Koechlin, and have them broadcast on FOX Sports instead of the guys they have now, and/or have them do a SAP version to go with the CBS and SPEED shows


Fox's advertisers include MasterCard, Mobil, General Motors, Toyota, Radio Shack, Tecate Beer and Smirnoff Ice. Sternberg said the channel soon will be close to a sellout position.

Ok., those are hardcore advertisers who might be enticed (of course excluding the car manufacturers and Tecate), into sponsoring cars if CART really takes off in the Hispanic market quote:

In addition to baseball and soccer, sports traditionally popular with Hispanics, Fox Sports is revving up coverage of auto racing. Since June it's been airing a highlights show covering the NASCAR Busch series.

Sternberg said there is already a base of Hispanic racing fans, but he expects it to grow. "There's no shortage of corporate sponsors in NASCAR," he noted. "And the footprint geographically of NASCAR is spreading into places like Southern California and Texas and Illinois and Miami and other markets where there are quite a few Latinos."

Uh oh!!!! CART has to act quick with a targeted effort.