Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Where Some Trackforum Exiles Are Now.

Howard Dolan from Trackforum, who I would refer to as a Paleo-Lemming, i.e. on e of the original oval-centric, IRL apologists from back in the day, has had his racing page for a while. Together, with Racewriter, he one of the first ones to figure out where Tony's vision was leading. Seems the Trackforumites left, consider them "Doom and Gloomers' now that they aren't so high on the current 'vision'. It does seem that Racewriter at some points does appear to be trolling over there, but then again I also remind myself of all the times that Indycool and Wilke would do the same, so screw 'em.
Now him and the other 'Paleos' like Carl S., who also tired of the George regime a while, post at this site more actively. Valid critiques of the current vision, which the Trackforum crowd, who at this point are simply a Tony George cult, cannot stomach. Also there is some real reporting on whatever short track races they go to, which is actually interesting to read, since I secretly dig the stuff. Good way to keep up with future Cup stars I guess.

Its worth a bookmark, and definitively a weekly look. Defender and Racewriter do go at it quite a bit, which is always entertaining. Its Trackforum without the restraints.

Link To Dolan's Web Site