Thursday, October 21, 2004

The CCWS Schedule According to Anonymous

This is a good post by one of my buddies , taken with his permission. It is a good summary, based on press accounts of what the schedule is shaping up to be.

With the 2005 schedule release within a week, here's a little round-up of what I've managed to squeeze out of various press reports.

When will it be released?

- Several previous reports have today (21st) as the release date. Still possible.

- According to Marcie, San Jose has scheduled a press release event on Tuesday the 26th, indicating a announcement at that time.

- And third, the 28th has also been mentioned, as it is the deadline for the Molson races to sort themselves out. Bob Singleton's quote about the Edmonton/Calgary debate: "...And we know we still have until the 28th so we're not rushing it." Also, the TV announcement is supposed to be on the 28th.

What's on it?

Confirmed Dates & Races:
April 10, Long Beach (Confirmed by LBGP Site)
August 14, Denver (Confirmed by SPEED Rally schedule)
Sept 24, Las Vegas (Confirmed by CCWS/CTS schedule)

Confirmed races w/o dates
Portland (Confirmed by 2004 CCWS contract)

Jimmy the Greek's Locks of the Week
Mexico City

Severe stuff would have to happen to get rid of these
Monterrey Mex

The rest
Road America
Laguna Seca

The Major Proposals
San Jose
Buenos Aires

Welcome to the Rumordome
Dubai (wheee! I own a web site and can say anything!)
South Korea (see above)
Silverstone (see above above)

AR1 claims to have seen a "first draft" schedule with these dates:

March 20
April 10 (Long Beach)
May 1
May 22
June 4
June 19
June 26
July 10
July 24
July 31
Aug. 14 (Denver)
Aug. 28
Sept. 4
Sept. 18
Sept. 24 (Las Vegas)
Oct. 16
Oct. 23
Nov. 6

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