Monday, January 07, 2008

COLOMBIA: The Real Number of FARC Hostages

This is something that has bugged me for a long time. Discussion about FARC hostages in Colombia invariably boils down to the Presidential candidate with French citizenship, the American contractors, and other 45 "prominent" people held by the FARC:

But such high-profile hostages represent a mere 4 percent of all the 3,000-plus kidnapping victims in Colombia, according to the Free Country Foundation [], a non-governmental organization that fights against kidnappings and helps victims' families. Aside from the 45, the FARC alone currently holds at least 700 others for monetary ransoms.

'Those are the `anonymous hostages,' '' said Olga Lucia Gómez, director of Free Country, ``the ones no one talks about.''

They are typically middle-class men who own small businesses, butcher shops, small-town bakeries and mom-and-pop stores. They are kidnapped for ransom, either by the FARC, the smaller rebel group National Liberation Army, common criminals or right-wing paramilitary groups. Captors often demand exorbitant amounts of money from the families.

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There are people who have been held for a decade in captivity, like the soldier whose father crossed Colombia to bring attention to his plight. Just this week, the Colombian military found a mass grave where hostages were executed by the FARC apparently for not coming up with the payment.

This context of the scope of the kidnappings by the FARC, shows why it is such a major issue for the Uribe government. It affects a wide spectrum of Colombian society, and does not even account for people (sometimes kids) who were "pressed" into service by the guerillas.

The FARC are at this point a sectarian militia operating as a criminal enterprise, which tears at the Colombian government and society. Like the paramilitaries they have no reason to exist, except as part of a history of 60 years of violence, gangsterism and blood feuds that have perpetuated themselves for too long in the Colombian hinterlands.


gg212 said...

I agree with you, those 3000+ citizens are never mentioned.
Betancourt is held like the most important example, but what is never said is that she knew all time long what she was getting into! on the other hand, thousands of law abiding citizens, policemen and soldiers where kidnapped while they were working and have been tied to a tree in the middle of the jungle for more than 10 years and nobody in the main international media talk about them.

Communicatio in Sacris said...

Does anyone know the FARC's Policy toward the Latin Tridentine Mass? I understand many of the Colombian Rebel Movements in the 1960s were actually founded by Catholic priests who were the Jefes, is that true? And back then there was only the Old Latin Mass before those Conciliar Changes of the Vatican II Council. In China, I know that the Chinese Communist Patriotic Catholic Church, which rebelled from Rome, still celebrates the Old Latin Mass Liturgy with their valid succession of bishops. But, I am not sure does the FARC-EP have chaplains like a regular military? And how about the ELN, and the various other rebel groups? Do these various rebel groups communicate together for special feasts (Communcatio in Sacris)?

Do they tolerate Traditionalist Catholic Priests? Also what is their policy toward Russian Orthodox Priests? Someone said they kill priests a lot, is that true?

I am little worried to hear Chavez mentioned, I read he is involved in the Sin (Betrayal) of Communicatio in Sacris with non-Catholics (like Muslims). I read these matters from a scholarly book written by a Latino author, Dr. DeTucci (I think he studied at the Javierana?), you can browse the book online:

I also read Simon Bolivar forbade Non-Catholic Churches in Gran Colombia (and any "Communicatio in Sacris"), is that true? Does President Uribe take a stance on this? Or is he under the control of the AUC? I read also that Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos of Medellin, Colombia (Head Vatican Official of the Latin Mass Indult Commission Ecclesia Dei--which ironically is trying to heal the Latin Schismatic Rebel Groups formed by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre of France which extend globally including in Europe and the Americas) is a secret-Jefe of the AUC, and he also has helped the M-19 Block officially pontificating the Old Latin Mass for Medellin and Cali Cartel Families, and of course collecting their donations or la comienza, does anyone have revealing information on this scandal? I guess the rumor may be true that he also helps certain Israel Programs with financial laundering of funds under the guise of Church Hierarchy (Most Holy Family Monastery's Michael Dimond being the Zionist Superior Jefe of this program). Further, I saw on television that Director Oliver Stone is investigating this whole Latin-Colombian Schism and claims to have the necessary inside information on Uribe and Friends to definitely expose him in a Documentary that will be released on video. I guess there is a certain Bishop Spadafore (from Palma de Troya, Spain) involved in the fiasco?


P.S. I also read about Vlad Tepes, a Catholic Prince who resisted the Turkish Muslim Invasion in Romania, he is a national hero to Romania, and he actually died a Roman Catholic! Vlad certainly put fear into his enemies by his strict justice, and his enemies lied that he was a vampire to demonize him. So people can make up stories about people, and call them terrible things, like a terrorist. You can read more here:

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