Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bolivia: Evo Appoints Cocalero To Anti-Drug Post!

This blurb in the Miami Herald, shows that Evo might be leaving the fox in charge of the henhouse. Is it possible this was his agenda all along? Political payback to his backers?


LA PAZ -- Bolivia's new leftist government swore in a coca grower as Deputy Minister of Social Defense, a post that oversees the fight against drug trafficking in this impoverished Andean nation.

Felipe Cáceres, former mayor of Villa Tunari town in Bolivia's coca-growing Chapare region, was inaugurated as deputy minister late Friday in a ceremony led by Alicia Muñoz, Bolivia's first female interior minister.<

Evo-apologists from the stupid-left like Jim Schultz, routinely gloss over the shenanigans of the cocaleros in Chapare. But the facts are undisputed: most of the coca produced there goes to illegal cocaine production. The Cocalero unions, who control local municipalities and represent many growers, have fought efforts to erradicate this illegal coca production through bribery, intimidation and outright violence. Farmers who sign on for alternative crop programs have been intimidated and attacked, alleged informants have been summarily executed by Cocalero thugs, and alternative crop posts have been burned and ransacked. In sum, MAS operates as a mafia in Chapare, and this is the culture from which this official emerges.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

boli-nica, you are so right. the only thing better than Caceres for Social Defense is the annual Bush pay off of millions in Counter-narcotics, eradiction & alternative crop $$$ into Caceres hands. That way, Evo & Co. can grow it, sell it, smoke it, and even get paid by the US for stockpiling, uh, i mean ëradicating it. Besides enjoying the windfall profit, the US complicity will keep the supply stable and prices high for the Cocaleros (as well as end users)! jaja..good show, Evo

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