Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chavez - Power Failure Ends Press Conference Explaining End of Power Failures

Irony abounds.... While giving a televised press conference - power goes off live!!!. He was railing against Bush, in the course of explaining away how the Venezuelan power grid is being fixed. The failure is explained away as being the power plant in the presidential palace. So, basically, the guy can't even run a good power plant in his own domain. While some deluded souls might argue that the pain of electrical failure is shared at the top of the government, others might see it as symptomatic of a wasteful and inefficient government.

Anyways, this is hilarious.


skywalker said...

Chavez is not God. He has no power over the heavens - Venezuela still largely relies on water for its electricity. Which is great water is its clean, safe, free - and you can't make nuclear bombs from water.
Only problem is Venezuela is in a once in a hundred year - drought.

Venezuela relied on hydro for electricity before Chavez, Venezuela is currently developing other alternatives for its electricity - this will take time - possibly arrive when the rains return.


Boli-Nica said...

That is just wrong. This has much more to do with massive government inefficiency, waste and lack of planning,. They know that the country has been consuming more power, and they know full well that El Nino happens in cycles. Chavez government has the money they simply have either wasted it, stole it, or didn't even spend it.