Monday, December 10, 2007

Bolivia: New Constitution, Change For Change's Sake,

So MAS "passed" its "new constitution", steamrolling it through the assembly.
Which brings me to this piece by Jim Schultz of the Democracy Center, a general pro-Evo, pro-MAS group. Seemingly as a rebuke to the Prefect of Cochabamba and many urban residents who have opposed the government, Schultz describes the large pro-MAS pro-MAS constitutional assembly.

Jim quotes some of Bolivia’s poorest citizens, marching through Cochabamba, showing their “agreement with the new constitution”, “recover and industrialize natural resources.” As he warns us to not “underestimate” the “passion” of Bolivia’s rural poor, which is expressed in their demanding “changes vital to their children’s future.”

What makes this whole affair tragic, is that these poor folks are putting their hopes and aspirations into the hands of radicals, whose program (both through the constitution and writings) is utterly and completely destined for failure.

There is no middle ground here. In this era to reduce poverty you need: laws and regulations to impartially and fairly mediate the rights of all actors in society, foreign investment to spur the growth necessary; a vibrant private sector to serve as the engine of the economy to create jobs; an openness towards the world economy; and a “small but muscular” state to provide for the basic human needs, including education, health, basic sanitary needs, and to take care for those who cant help themselves, all done in a decentralized and efficient manner.

MAS’ constitution wants to permanently enshrine in the constitution, an obsolete centralist vision of the State. A state-owned, and planned economy, with some small concessions made for the private sector. This is the same corporatist vision which might have seemed right (and new) in 1952, but in many ways reinforced the old traditional clientilism among the middle class and crony capitalistism Ultimately, it led to a situation where Bolivia went into debt and hyper-inflation fueled in a significant part to pay for state-owned enterprises.

THIS IS NOT CHANGE!!! How is returning to this progressive? How on earth can anyone think this will lead to something better? This is revolutionary sloganeering acting as reality. Wishful thinking of the most perverted form.

All it will do is destroy the chances of those who have joined –or aspire to join- the 21st century, dragging the country down to even more mediocrity. And the poor, the poor will be the ones who will always pay the most.


Anonymous said...

boli, you are an ignorant idiot. Keep up the good work, your comedy is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

B/N, How is the weather in Miami? Getting that tan with your uncle, Carlos Sanchez Berzain?

Maybe if you care so much about Bolivia and want to comment on it you might actually, hmm, come here. Ahh, but reading the press reports is really all one needs for insight, no? Of course, we wouldn't want to cut into tennis time at the club.

Boli-Nica said...
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Boli-Nica said...

^who says I am in Miami right now?

A ver ustedes, obviamente K'aras, de donde sacan tanto amor por los disparates que propone el Evo y su camarilla de zurdos babosos

sera que tienen la mente cerrada y los prejuicios tipicos del aislamiento. Segun uds. se las saben todas.

Anonymous said...

Boli, ADELNTE. What you said is right. The poor will suffer more. not only them...Bolivia is already in deep crisis. I hate what Sanchez de Lozada did to our country but, Evo Morales is killing it.. El remedio es peor que la enfermedad.
The climate of Cochabamba is better than Miami. Try it, you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

I would not hold my breath, boli marica will never go to bolivia because this poor wannabe is too confortable watching car races while stuffing his belly with fat burgers while the world implodes. He thinks nothing will touch him in his fatland bubble, but he's wrong.

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