Monday, November 19, 2007

Bolivia: Evo Claims US & Aznar Out To Get Him P.28888

Who Really Hangs Out With Criminals?

Even before his mentor Chavez made a fool of himself, Evo in Chile for the same conference, was working pretty hard at it too. In comments made during the Ibero-American Summit he claimed that the US was conspiring against him. Evidence? Nuttier than usual - even for his government. US Ambassador Goldberg attends a big Trade Show, apparently poses for a picture with some random Colombian guy and a Santa Cruz leader. Turns out the Colombian guy is a crook. So in the current Bolivian leaderships mind it is all part of a massive plot. Evo brings up "past evidence" - the 500 rounds of .45 caliber ammo found on the girlfriend of a US embassy employees son entering the country. Turns out the staffer is an avid target shooter who owns a .45 pistol, and stupidly requested that the girl buy the ammo in Miami and bring it down with her. Given how easy it is to ship stuff to Bolivia and the availability of diplomatic pouches, the embassy would be really stupid to arm any "plotters" this way, specially with this caliber weapons, retired from military use and found mainly among civilians - in the US. And the ambassador would be pretty dumb in posing with his "fellow conspirators" at a very public export fair.

But Evo, and government spokesmen, continue to vehemently support the "threat" to Bolivia, and the actions of the ambassador.

And they also take a separate approach against the US. A top government spokesman announced that the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was going to be expelled because of its support for the opposition. Then Evo back in Bolivia, tries a different tack, saying that USAID "has a wide open door" to leave, if it doesn't provide "transparency" in the way its disburses funds - including its purchasing policies. That "mystery" policy simply means you buy US-made stuff for a US funded project. Hmmmm. Evo might want to ask the many MAS members who have received training in things like budgeting from US-AID grants.

One thing Evo might consider doing is hiring a Foreign Minister who actually read a book or two in the past 15 years, instead of the current ignoramus to avoid diplomatic gaffes.

Maybe its all irrelevant--Could it be that Evo needs fresh excuses so he can keep up with Chavez demands? Bolivia - according to Venezuela's foreign ministry -is now part of the ALBA "axis" with Venezuela and Cuba, its mission is to fight the "empire." Picking fights with Goldberg, and threatening to kick USAID out seems to be consistent with that.

Reign In Spain, No sooner was Evo back in Bolivia than accusations flew out against former Spanish leader Jose Maria Aznar for allegedly supporting Bolivia's opposition. The timing hardly seems a coincidence fresh after Chavez got smacked down by King Juan Carlos. The Amen chorus of Evo, Daniel Ortega, and Fidel piped up as on cue, bringing out whatever alleged Spanish misdeeds they had lying around in their fertile imaginations.

Evo talking about foreign plots, sovereignity and dignity is laughable while he bends over backwards for Chavez. Evidence is plentiful: Chavez lands AGAIN in Trinidad even after Senate complaints. Venezuelan troops wandering around airports at odd hours of the night. Not to mention Evo cavorting with Cuban survivors of the only real "foreign-directed" military invasion of Bolivia the past 50 years..

No "controls" or transparency over foreign aid? Evo gets checks from Chavez to buy support in the military and municipalities, that are off the books.

Evo would be better served by not listening to "advice and consent" from motormouth in Caracas.

Evo and Chavez' relationship is like a 2 year old holding the leash to a 100 lb over-friendly hyper labrador. Guess who is leading that walk through the neighborhood? It usually also ends really ugly.


Norman said...

Entertaining posts. Makes me wonder; if Chavez has a cold, does Evo sneeze?

Boli-Nica said...


Evo is completely under Chavez spell. I thought (or hoped) that Bolivian stubborness and nationalism would have made him keep a certain distance from Chavez.

Truth said...

Given the history of US terrorism in Latin America, I would say that it is good for governments that are supported by the popular classes to form coalitions against US-led gangsterism.

Obviously you have no problem with US gangsterism.

The illegal, terrorist occupation of Iraq should show you different. But you are a koolaid drinker.

Suffer--your allience with US imperialism shows you to be an anti-democratic lover of thugs.

Your capitalist mafia is failing, big-time. LOL

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