Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Venezuela: The Hummer Revolution

No this is not an offshoot of the 1960's Free Love Movement. It rather has to do with GM's large SUV, and a quote by Hugo Chavez picked up by the NYT...

“What kind of a revolution is this?” the president said on his television show this month, after a report here that General Motors was planning to import 3,000 Hummers to meet a rising demand. “One of Hummers?”

This is hilarious.....In the disfunctional "Boliviarian 21st Century Socialist" Republic there are enough people scamming the Venezuelan governments coffers directly or indirectly - or selling stuff to the first two groups, to be able to import these monsters, which they then fill up with subsidized gas at 7 cents a gallon.

This is typical of the lunacy of the Chavista "robber-lution". On the one hand oil rent is purposefully filtered to the rich in order to keep them happy with the Coup-plotter in chief. On the other hand, many of Chavez' "anti-neo-liberal" policies of centralizing power over finances and oil production and expanding the state, have enabled crazy levels of corruption to go unchecked. More bling for the new and old rich alike.

The poor on the other hand, get good old fashioned socialism: they have to wait a long time for buses.


Diana said...

The HUMMER truck is flying off the showroom in Venezuela despite the fact that the country’s President, the always out-of-this-world fruit job Hugo Chavez telling everyone to stop buying them.
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Hummer are just too good to attract attention of many of us. Hummer limo is no doubt very popular in cities but might not be preferred for long drives and highways.

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