Thursday, June 28, 2007

CIA Tried Killing Castro......Um....We Know....Too Bad They Failed

Too bad they failed. Every now and then I go through the obituaries
in the Miami Herald. Each days tally is invariably full of older
Cubans, forced to leave by Castro's stupidity, who died in exile after
waiting for 50 years for something to change in the island. Just the other day, Dr. Emilio Ochoa the last drafter of Cuba's well-renowned (in Latin America) 1940 Constitution passed away here in Miami. He is emblematic of the parents and grandparents of many Miamians who are slowly dying in exile. All the while Fidel continues to rot away, much like the island he has suffocated for 50 years.

was not "forced" into his Banana Leninistic rule by US policy, and
given how stubborn the guy is, doubt he would have "changed" in any way
to allow for an opening, at least while the Soviets were around.

the time the CIA was plotting to kill and overthrow Fidel, people who
originally sympathized with the revolution and commited democrats like
the late Mr. Ochoa. were leaving in droves. Non-communists were being
purged from the army, civil society was being shut down, prisons were
filling up.

Killing Castro in 61 or 62 might have changed the
internal dynamics of the revolution, which in the long run has depended
on the charisma, leadership, and strategic vision of one person. We
will never know now. But things might have been a lot different, and
older Cubans in Miami might have the confort of living the last days in
their country of birth -- under a democratic government.

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ihateignorants said...

Hey, Trucutu! still swiming in your ignorance?
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Boli-Nica said... back.... He who projects his own insecurities onto others, as a substitute for argumentation. Whose own brand of politics is nothing but a mix of outdated and failed ideology with a profoundly paranoid conspirative view of things.

ihateignorants said...

Bolimarica, you are the perfect example of the american (wannabe) idiot. Ignorant, simplistic and extremely limited. Stick to cars you fucking ignorant, you are funny and sad. Stupid and childish, blind and deaf. Your neo-con worshiping "acomplejado" world is pathetic. I read your garbage in the same way I see an accident on the freeway.

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Roberto Iza said...

Kind regards

Boli-Nica said...

LMAO...anon u really are the "Alley-Oop" Who is your stupid despot of the moment? Evito? Chavez? Castro? You are the face of 21st Century S..tupidity.

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