Wednesday, February 14, 2007

US: Colbert on Congresswoman Lorena Sanchez "Whore"

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez from California has quit the Hispanic Caucus after being allegedly called a whore by her fellow Latino California Congressman, Baca. Sanchez is famous for sending out wacky Christmas cards featuring her and Gretzky the cat: definitively weird and this other one is begging 4 double entendre. 40 something real estate brokers in places like Dallas and Broward County Florida come up with worse/tackier/weirder than this, but the lady is a Congresswoman. Then again the people in the OC (and next door San Diego) who bitch the most about Loretta, sent wack-jobs like Dana Rohranbacher and "B-1"Bob Dornan to Congress. If anything Loretta fits right in with the kind of stuff that goes on behind the Orange Curtain. Orange County bad boy Gustavo Arellano, (of "Ask a Mexican") thinks It’s about time someone called Loretta Sancheza whore

Stephen Colbert makes it national...

Loretta is kind of sexy in a wacko-MILF kind of way.

Tip Of The Hat to
Adventures Of The Coconut Caucus


A.M. Mora y Leon said...

Sanchez is a piece of work. She once declared publicly that she 'did every fella at Katella' which is the name of the Orange County high school she went to. 'Whore' shouldn't bother her, although I suppose she's proud that she didn't take any money. I guess she never told anyone no.

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