Thursday, February 16, 2006

Venezuela: Chavez Lies Exposed on Invasion Plans

Chavez had run his mouth on US TV saying he had information on a US plan to invade his kingdom. Silly people like Soliz Rada in Bolivia, and other perfect Latin American idiots of course believe him.

As reported by vcrisis, the whole thing is bogus.

The plan in question, was a war game simultation by the Spanish military, titled Plan Balboa, a summary available here. Apparently a Venezuelan officer attending a staff officers course in Spain, received a copy in one of his classes, and brought it to the attention of the Venezuelan president.

It had nothing to do with the U.S., and was used as a tool to teach high level officers on planning and executing complicated multi-national military operations. And as this article says, while the country looked like Venezuela, "Chavez" himself did not appear to be in power, because the government was described as pro-Western.